Eat well and become a new you!

Don't you stand straighter and feel more confident than usual when wearing something attractive or stylish?
Only the outfit is different, but it can change dramatically the way we feel.

Essentially, the same thing applies to food.

The way people feel changes entirely when the same food is provided in a stylish manner.
"eashion" is a neologism combining "eat" and "fashion."

When you look at, choose, and eat things that are handsomely prepared, even if it's only a side dish or boxed meal,
you probably feel light and cheerful. Of course, it's a given that the food tastes delicious.

When you want to feel gorgeous or make an extra effort,
eashion has just the right deli foods waiting for you to discover.

Stop by one of our stores, where everything, from flavor to service to the store appearance,
is informed by and based on the eashion concept.

Creation of a space that ignites gourmet sensitivities.

While fashion boutiques and cafes are unique and stylish, why do Japanese delis all look the same?
We started by designing our eashion stores to expand the possibilities of delis, which had been plain and ordinary up to then.

You know you're in an eashion store when you see the stylish interior design accented by black and white and silver,
with our prominent bell pepper logo.
We hope you will enjoy eashion's foods with a free spirit, unconstrained by images of traditional Japanese delis.
Encountering novel foods, made with colorful, select ingredients in a sophisticated space, is sure to give you a thrill.
So why not plan to spend delicious time freely with eashion?

What's more, each eashion store sparkles with a unique individuality.
When the location is different, the type of users also changes.
We stylishly provide our products by swiftly grasping what's most desired by the local community.
That's how we do it at eashion.

A helping hand to make your mind and body happy.

Iberico pork from Spain, pork from Yamagata Prefecture, and Koshihikari rice from Niigata Prefecture...
To ensure the great taste of our selected ingredients,
we intentionally use simple recipes that bring out their true flavor.

In addition to great taste, we're committed to nutrition.
Take, for instance, our Spanish Bellota Iberico Pork boxed meal, which is the best-selling item at our Tokyo Station store.
This is a boxed meal made with the highest-quality Iberico pork, which is famed for its –melt-in-your mouth fat.
In fact, Iberico pork's fatty meat is rich in oleic acid, which is such a high-quality fat that Iberico pigs are called "olive trees on legs."
Our other boxed meals, containing one-third of the recommended daily vegetable intake, are developed with variety in mind and incorporate our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers.