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  • ポークソテー 真空調理した野菜を添えて

    Pork saute with vegetables sous vide, in an onion and black pepper sauce.


  • 白身魚と春キャベツのアクアパッツァ風

    Whitefish and spring cabbage prepared Acqua Pazza style.


  • 新じゃがと厚切り豚の甘辛仕立て

    Sweet and salty thick-sliced pork with potatoes and special Kyoto-style Kujo Scallions


  • まぐろとねぎの醤油麹仕立て

    Deep fried bites of tuna marinated in soy sauce with rice malt and green onion


  • 黒胡椒香る!一口チキンと野菜の旨辛仕立て

    Bite-size chicken and five vegetables in spicy sauce with black pepper


  • チキンステーキの玉葱&黒胡椒仕立て

    Chicken steak in onion and black pepper sauce served with grilled cheese potatoes


  • チーズがとろけるハンバーグ!マッシュルームソース

    Hamburg steak with five kinds of cheese in rich mushroom sauce served with grilled cheese potatoes


  • 九州産鶏つくねと彩り野菜の甘辛仕立て

    Meatballs made of Kyushu chicken and vegetables, in sweet and sour sauce


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